K O L L A S C H patience and a calm hand


Berlin Affordable Art Market 

The Berlin Affordable Art Market takes place annually. The exhibition showed more than 100 local and internationally invited artists. The event was created to promote wider and more inclusive public access to art, while facilitating the sale of artworks by local artists.
The exhibition ran for 3 days between 9 and 11 December 2022, starting with a night opening on Friday 9 between 18:00-22:00 and on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 from 12:00-20:00.


Group Exhibition curated by Marta Yanik (Poland) at the Vintage Festival in Birr, Ireland and the Praga Cultural Centre in Warsaw, Poland

The history of the world is the history of migration; and this is a phenomenon which increasingly affects each of us, in almost every corner of the Earth. People migrate for many reasons, some in search of peace and security, and others to earn more money and live better lives.
Twin exhibitions in both Ireland and Poland have brought together collage artists from different countries and cultures, asking them to approach the topic of “migration” and reflect on it through their artistic practice.

Lou Beach USA | Una Gildea Ireland I Silvio Severino Brazil | Steve Tierney Australia I Maryna Siliakova Ukraine | Maria Filek Poland I Tanja Ulbrich Canada/Spain | Yulia Farenyuk Ukraine | Denis Kollasch Germany | Domenico Goi Italy | Jerome Bertrand Canada  I Maria Filek Poland | Sherry Parker USA/Mexico | Anthony D Kelly Ireland | Marta Janik Poland

My contribution for the exhibition "Migration". Papercollage, cut & paste, 60x40cm, 2022


Illustration and Description of my work in the article: Mind the Gap - Collision and Context in Haiku and Collage by Rod T. Boyer in Kolaj Magazine #32, Page 14ff., 2021.

"Take for example the collage by Denis Kollasch entitled Schreiseeadler. The bird on the branch within an environment is something we understand. The head, replaced by what appears to be a green phonograph horn, is unnatural and so unexpected. Disjunction is at play (we expected a bird´s head, we got a sound funnel). The viewer ist left to intuit the connection, to close the gap..."

Spot-on Street Gallery in Kranj, Slovenja
29. 6. – 21. 7. 2018
Opening: Friday, June 29 at 7 PM

The Spot-on Street Gallery hosts the Viva Collagistas exhibition where collage festival of Kranj – KAOS and international collage festival – Collagistas join forces. The inaugural Collagistas Festival took place in 2014 in Berlin. In 2015 it was held in Thessaloniki and in 2016 it was in Eindhoven. 2017 September saw the 4 th Collagistas Festival held in Milan.

In Kranj Collagistas present selected collage works from previous editions of 15 artists:
Denis Kollasch (Germany), Aline Helmcke (Germany), Dorothee Mesander (The Netherlands), Martin Došek (Czech Republic), Sarah Key (Serbia), Tinca Veerman (Netherlands), Una Gildea (Ireland), Walter Paganuzzi (Italy), Giulia Cabassi (Italy),
Holger Becker (Germany), Luciano Mota (Brazil), Domenico Goi (Italy), Patrick Bremer (UK), Jonathan Tegelaars (Italy), Tres Roemer (New York)



OEI #86-87 Magazine: Publishing Practices, Publishin Poets, 2020 Stockholm, Sweden
“But Print Is Dead: The Story of Kolaj Magazine” from Ric Kasini Kadour. The article contains collages by Kornelia Hoffmann and Denis Kollasch.

The Universal Language - Collagistas Festival 2019, Brüssel, Belgien

Human Universal - Group-exhibition in the ArtZone area at the Sziget festival Budapest, Hungary 8.-15. August 2018.

KAOS Festvial - Group-Exhibition in Kranj, Slovenja, 29.06.-14.08.2018

Beautiful Monsters - Group-exhibition in Milano, Italy, 22. September - 29. September 2017

Collage Garden Moscow - Contribution to the fourth Collage-Garden in August 2018 in Moscow, Russia.   

No Joke! - Collagistas Festival - Group Exhibition in Eindhoven, Netherlands, 01.-10. April 2016

Big Village - Small World - Collagistas Festival - Group Exhibition in Irland, Dublin, 13.09.-16.09.2018

Schnipseljagd und fette Beute - Group Exhibition in Berlin, Germany, 2015

MAYDAY - MAYDAY - Collagistas Festival - Group exhibiton Galerie TABYA Art Space Thessaloniki, Greece, 22. Mai bis 05. Juni 2015

Portfolio in the Art-Magazine KOLAJ MAGAZINE, issue #18, 2017, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Contribution in OLTRE PAPER COLLAGE FANZINE, Black Issue, No# 0, 2016 Milano, Italy


Interview - "CITIES OF THE FUTURE" - Art-Magazine KALTBLUT 2013

"Minimal Collagen #1" - Group Exhibition in Atelier Fraenkelufer 28 in Berlin

MEGAURBANPOLIS - Solo-Exhibition in Schillerpalais, Berlin, 2013