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Falter - For those who dont like dead animals

The arrangement of the Falter is like the collection of butterflies in a showcase of an entomologist. 

Each Falter is handmade

Each Falter is handmade from its own shape and different used paper materials. The basic form is the triangle, which appears in new variations. Among the selected paper can also be banknotes, old identity documents or silk-paper. The series is about diversity, variety and sustainability. 

I use various types of paper, which i found and collect in everyday lifes and on my travels. Among them are nostalgic banknotes, certificates, handmade papers as well as paper pages from current and rare magazines, booklets or books. 

The variety of Falter is limitless.

With the mostly plain-coloured folders, there is a focus on the interplay of colours and the possible combination of the papers folded together.

With printed papers, such as portraits on bank notes, landscapes or maps, the folds create cubist or surreal views.

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Stored in display cases of various sizes

The paper folds are stored in display cases of various sizes. The displays are also subject to a basic order and aestheticise the individual paper folds into a collection unit.
Here I refer to entomological collections that were created in the 18th century for scientific interest or aesthetic reasons. Since I want to distinguish myself from the traditional collections of dead and prepared insects, I have given the showcases the title: Falter - For those who do not like dead animals. 

The display cases can be also purchased in different sizes.