K O L L A S C H patience and a calm hand

About myself


My medium is the paper. All my works are unique and handmade. I work in a classical manner, with a sharp blade, scissors and glue.

My first solo exhibition was in 2013 with “MEGAURBANPOLIS”, in which i described my Utopian landscapes, which mostly consist of buildings in which we live and work.
I am particularly concerned with depth of field and perspectives in the development of his collage work. Further translation of architecture into geometric figures and forms, culminates in his ongoing series “figura architectura”.

Another focus of my artworks are my experience with folded paper, which i have composed so far in showcases, in photographs or illustrations.

Particularly popular is the series: “Falter - Für alle, die keine toten Tiere mögen”, in which i presents my paper folds like butterflies in a frame. The special thing is that each butterfly is handmade from its own shape and different used paper materials. Among them can also be banknotes, old identity documents or silk-paper.

The series is about diversity, variety and protection of animals.
In my work the recycling of used materials, sustainability and the collection of long-forgotten images also play a role, which i bring to light again by integrating them into a new context.

Since 2014 i participates in the collagistas festival, which takes place every year in a different country.

I live and work in Berlin.